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You're home deserves quality, time and dedication to a job well done. 
We promise exactly that!
Whether you're looking for a budget friendly or intricate and detailed design we will be sure to offer you the perfect package. 
This is your home, lets select an appropriate addition both to enhance and secure your property.
We offer:
  • Decks
  • Fences
  • Staining/sealing and painting >>>
  • Gates 
  • Repair and maintainence 
  • Railings - from wood to various metals
  • Stairs - wood to metal  
  • Privacy walls
  • Pool surrounding
​It's always worth sitting down and thinking of what you'd like to use the deck for as this is very important. Many people don't consider this aspect, as it may seem like 'just a deck' but this is an addition that all will see. It may be that you often host BBQ's or family get togethers, or quite simply like spending the summer days in the sun on the sun lounger. These small factors can make the biggest differences in selecting a design best suited to meet your needs.
  • 4x4 
  • 6x6
  • Horizontal - Vertical
  • Custom 
  • Chain link avaliable
  • Iron avaliable 
  • Pool enclosures 
  • All custom to fit 
  • Metal or wood
  • Various Metal inserts avaliable 
  • Heavy duty hinges and hardware to hold weight accordingly
Woods we typically use are the green or brown pressure treated as well as cedar which is also avaliable in different grades. 
We mix our own concrete on site, set all footings and posts with our own machinery. 
Sealing, Staining & Maintainence 
 You need to wait at least 2-3 weeks after completion of the project in order for the fence/deck to adjust to the outside humidity conditions and for wood to completely dry out (when the wood is cut down the moisture content is around 80%, it then adjusts to 8-10%).

Giving your fence/deck a light sand when it has dried out will open up the pores and the wood will absorb the stain or sealant better.

Darker stains last longer (you may need to re-stain every 2-3 years). Clear sealant or stain sometimes only lasts a year but usually not as noticable when it does need to be re-done.

Getting this done professionally typically costs about $2.50/sq. ft., but the results normally exceed those of do-it-yourselfers. We offer different grades of stain/sealant however prices will vary.
It is always worth thinking of the long term status. How much maintainence are you willing to do? 

It is a good idea to go to your local paint store to get advice on what products to use on your deck or fence.